STEELVENT Ltd – Hungarian Quality

  • Our leading business branch is mechanic industry steel. We supply industrial entities with our high-quality products.
  • Our branch for fences and gates is Hungary’s leading fence and mass-production gate factory.
  • The manufacturing unit responsible for industrial grids and gabions supplies the country’s most important tradesmen and manufacturers with materials.
  • We produce wire products for the building industry, and also provide ribbed and plain reinforcement steel.
  • Our dry painting unit, launched in 2012, caters for external demands as well, all you need is to contact us.
  • Our retail and wholesale unit for sells standard and special screws and connecting elements.


About Us

The Hungarian manufacturer of quality wire and steel bar
Steelvent Ltd 2000 was launched in 1992. It currently employs 78 people, has an invested capital of 564 thousand euros, and is in 100% Hungarian ownership. Our headquarters and main manufacture is in Miskolc, but we do production and sales-related activities in our Bátonyterenye unit in Nógrád country. Besides, we have commercial representatives in Budapest and Veszprém. In the course of the past years, our company has fostered continuous technological developments in order to become Hungary’s leading producer and distributor of shutter-fences, mobile fences and gabions. 
  We provide quality wires of various uses for several industrial branches. Simultaneously to the ever-increasing...

Our manufacturing plants

Miskolc – Bars and Wires
Bátonyterenye – Building Industry Wire Products