Binding elements

Our company has been into the retail and wholesale of binding elements since its foundation. Our main goal is to live up to the clients’ expectations completely, and therefore we not only offer the standard commercial products but we also cater for individual demands.

Quick installation with the use of modern tools.
From plan view, the head of the hexagon socket screw shows a regular hexagon.
In certain cases, fixing is done by rivet binding and spare parts are also rivet-bound.
Primarily used in narrow spaces difficult to reach.
The most important function of a washer is to distribute force concentrating on one single point at the screw binding.
Sticks, dowel pins.
Standard binding products tightly related to machine industry.
The threaded drill of the nut fits onto a screw of the same size...
Wood industry binding solutions.
We produce unique binding elements on demand, based on drawings.
Self-drilling screws for sheets and plates.
Steel structure screws.
Gluing techniques.
Binding technique is the science everybody has already encountered...