Chipboard screws

Chipboard screws, also known as quick screw fittings or particle board screws, have been developed to prevent problems that may arise when using traditional wooden screws in chipboards or in other wooden materials. The chipboard screw is the result of a special development process, having undergone several steps of mechanic improvement. We can therefore guarantee quick installation with modern tools, which reduces costs significantly.


Advantages of the following feature: a re-shaped geometry of the thread, the thread angle of the screw suitable for wood has been reduced to 40° from 60°.


With the same diameter, the core diameter is smaller and keeps the same size all along the thread (except for the peak). Typical size chipboard screws have a thread shaped up to the screw head. Depending on their availability, the screws can be delivered with complete- or partial-length threads. 
The end of the screw is sharp and self-centring, which renders the drilling easier, the risk of trembling reduced. Often, time- and money-consuming pre-drilling can therefore be spared. The sharper and recessed profile of the thread does not push the material but cuts into it. The danger of friability and fragmented edges is also reduced, when, for example, installing door and window holes. Moreover, the fixing pull-out force can be strengthened by as much as 35%, and installation torque can be decreased by as much as 40%.


The chipboard screws are made either of corrosion-free steel, or lining-toughened or surface-toughened. They are stronger and more wear-resistant than wooden screws, they increase cutting performance and prevent damage during installation. The screw core remains durable, thus the screw head will not break when undergoing bending.


Our steel chipboard screws are coated with a special anti-corrosion substance which decreases installation torque.


The chipboard screws are available with Pozidriv (Z) and hexabular screw drives.