Mobile fence - ST11

ST11 type mobile fence. Wide range of uses, quick installation and dismantling.

The STEELVENT ST11 mobile fence and system are suitable for both industrial and community use.

The rigidity of trapezoid-ribbed mobile fence is ensured by three printed ribs. The rigidity of frame-locked mobile fence elements is guaranteed by the integration of two or three horizontal pipes, depending on the type.

The stability and connection of these elements are ensured by mobile concrete or plastic pedestals and by mobile shackles (see supplementary products). The mobile fence system may have gate elements or special shackles in addition (see supplementary products).

The fence elements are made of galvanized wires. We also ensure hot-dip galvanized surface on demand. The mobile fences are made of 700 - 800/N mm2 solid drawn steel wire, with dotted welding.

Special "semi-mobile" fences

We also produce so-called semi-mobile fences, which are suitable for row separation, directing guests or substituting cordons. 

Fields of application

We recommend our mobile fences to the following places: construction work, building security, sports events, festivals, the flexible change of mobile warehouses.

Supplementary products
  • Mobile pedestals – concrete pedestals, UV-safe plastic-coated concrete pedestals or plastic pedestals are recommended.
  • Mobile support – All mobile fences have uni- and bilateral mobile supports and a supporting poker?
Further supplementary products 

We also produce lifting inhibitors, gate pokers, gate wheels and stocks facilitating transport. The presentation of supplementary products and the installation guide of the fence can be found in our brochure.

Size chart and surface protection
Mobile fences Reinforcing mesh with trapezoid ribs Gate elements with trapezoid ribs Frame-locked reinforcing mesh Frame-locked gate element Reinforced frame-locked gate element Reinforced frame-locked gate element Semi-mobile
Height (mm) 2000 1000
Width (mm) 3500 1000 3500 1000 3500 1000 3500
Vertical wire diameter 3,5
Horizontal wire diameter 5 3,5
Distance between vertical wires 80 100
Galvanized surface X X X X X X X