Supplementary products

They can be used to fasten the reinforcing mesh to the column in the case of ST10 type fence systems when dug columns are used. They are made of corrosion-free steel.
Self-tapping nuts
They ensure the fastening of reinforcing meshes to the columns together with the bolts; as a result, the binding cannot be loosened. They are made of corrosion-free steel.
Closing cap
The cap closing the top of the columns, available in plastic or steel.
Plate shackles
Plate shackles are used for the definite fastening of ST10 type reinforcing meshes. They are made of corrosion-free steel.
Pre-produced reinforcing steel pedestal panels.
Size: 2350 × 200 × 50 mm, 2350 × 300 × 50 mm, 2350 × 500 × 50 mm
Weight: 60, 80, 150 Kg
Brick-patterned on the outside.
Steelvent type reinforcing mesh fastener
For undrilled 60 × 40 and 60 × 60 mm hollow section columns.
T-shape bolt
For the fastening of ST10 reinforcing meshes to supported columns. Galvanized surface.
Fastening unit for supported columns.
4 pcs of M10x100 basic screws to fix the supports.
Mesh fastener for Univerzál type columns.
1 pc Ø48
Mobile shackle
To fasten mobile fences to one and another.
Concrete supports
For mobile fences.
Plastic supports
For mobile fences
Anti-lift poles  
Supporting legs  
Wire-stretching screw
Used for the stretching of wires during fence construction. Galvanized surface.
Sizes: M6, M8, M10, M12    
Stretching wire
Galvanized: Ø2.8 és Ø3.1
Plastic-coated: Ø1.8/2.5 és Ø2.5/3.0
Binding wire
Galvanized: Ø1.8
Plastic-coated: Ø1.2 – 1.8
Wire stretcher
With ratchets
Stretching elements
Unilateral, bilateral 90°, bilateral 180°
Fastening staple  
Fastening pliers  
NATO wire  
Barbed wire