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Security fence

Steelvent Security Welded Fence Panel Europe

ST16 type of security fence panel (Steelvent product) with Dózsa type special shape post is a strong, good looking security product. It has own aluminium barbed wire holder. You can easily fix the double wire fence product into the post. It has very strong non breakable connection. Double wire welded panels has 4 layer cover: zinc + chrome + phosphate + PVC coating. This is Steelvent 4 layer defence technic.

Spring at Steelvent

Spring has arrived: time for odd jobs and renovations around the house.

If you are about to replace your old and worn out fence, or you haven’t got one yet, it’s high time you came to Steelvent!

We offer you durable and aesthetically pleasing, quality fences (fence elements, columns, entrance gate for personal and vehicle traffic, etc.), in a variety of designs and price ranges!


Visit one of our premises in person, or ask for price offers via phone or on our website.

We are to your service in everything.

Comprehensive automatization

The automatization process of the fence manufacture in the Bátonyterenye factory of Steelvent Ltd. has been completed. From now on, the Steelvent fence elements are produced with state-of-the-art robotized systems.

In 2011, the company’s Kinizsi product family was awarded the Hungarian Product Grand Prix, with its 3D panels. 

Steelvent Retailer Network

Dear Partner,

Steelvent 2000 Ltd would like to inform you that the company integrated the manufacturing of its building industry wire products – grids, reinforcement meshes, fence systems and gates – into its Bátonyterenye factory, as of 1 July 2016. As a result of this reorganization, we will be able to offer both our long-term and future Partners more efficient production and commercial activities, with flexible services. 

Meet you at Construma

Steelvent 2000 Ltd. is participating at the Construma exhibition this year as well. We are looking forward to meeting our Partners and future clients at the 203/A/2 stall of pavilion "A", where you can see our products and receive professional advice.

Steelvent 2000 Ltd. has opened new premises

We are happy to inform our Partners that we have opened our new premises in Budapest, where our colleagues are to your service with regard to fences, fence systems, gabions, and mobile fence renting.

Address: Budapest, Budaörsi út (road) 148. a/b Post code: 1112


New Product Introduced by Steelvent 2000 Ltd

We are happy to inform you that Steelvent 2000 Ltd have introduced a new product on its palette. Besides fences, fence systems, gates, mobile fence renting, mechanical industry steels and industrial grids, we now offer a wide range of welded gabion products to our clients.

The gabion branch of Steelvent 2000 Ltd is represented by our colleague Gábor Budai, who has several years of experience in the field of selling and installing gabions. The attached pictures show gabions installed by him.