Square and flat steels

Cold-drawn steel for keys and latches.


Material quality


We produce alloyed cold-drawn square and flat steel bars following consultation.

Size range

Lt: 5x5 - 7x7mm DIN Standard 6880
Lt: 8x7 - 12x18mm DIN Standard 6880 

Reference standards

GOST 8787, BS 970


It can be delivered with either polished or matt surface.

Surface quality

According to DIN 1652


diameter: ISO h11 
length:  -0 /+ 50mm

Bar lengths

2000 - 4000mm


The drawn circle steel bar is packaged in 1000 kg bundles. The packaging weight can be different on demand. To ensure surface protection, we normally cover the bars with oil if needed and wrap them into foil; we deliver them in wooden boxes on demand.