Knotted game fence – ST13

ST13 knotted rolled game fence, with pre-galvanized surface.

Excellent for the security enclosure of roads and highways.

Areas of application
  • Forestry: nursery, tree planting; game farming: enclosure of hunting areas, boar farms, zoos, game farms.
  • Agriculture: riding stables, sheepfolds, grazing areas, orchards, vineyards.
Wire characteristics

The rolled knotted game fence is made of 600 - 800 N/mm2 solid steel wire of varying wire thickness and distribution, with dotted welding. It is stretched with the uppermost and downmost horizontal wires having reinforced diameter. The resistance to external forces of the horizontal wires is ensured by a V-shaped print in the centre of the meshes. These fences are made in a way that their mesh distribution is dense at the bottom but becomes looser as it goes higher. They are made of pre-galvanized wires, with special knotting. The fences are delivered in rolls of 50 running metres.

Typically fastened

On acacia columns with U-nails.