Fence systems and gates

Over the past years, our company have made continuous technological developments, as a result of which the range of our products has been widened by industrial, community and anti-game fences, mobile fences, and gates. Simultaneously to the ever-increasing demands in industry and society, we are ceaselessly developing our technologies, as a result of which the horizon of our opportunities is broadening, and our market position is getting stronger day by day. The Steelvent fence systems and gates, together with our management systems related to production and commerce, comply with the requirements laid down in the ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

The ST10 fence net, reinforced with trapezoid ribs is suitable for both industrial and community uses.

This ST16 double-wired fence net is characterized by a strong and aesthetic appearance. It is suitable for both industrial and community uses.

The ST18 is a dense life- and property security fence which prevents the throwing of objects. It has been developed to fulfil security functions.

The ST11 type mobile fence has a wide range of uses. Its installation and dismantling can be easily executed.

ST15 type mechanically woven fences. Favourable price range, great resistance.

ST14 type rolled dotted welded-fence: Favourable price and elegant look.

ST17 type reinforcing mesh strengthened with round steel and flat steel wires. Characterized by strong construction and aesthetic look.

ST12 type frame-locked reinforcing meshes, dotted welded or woven. For community or special uses.

ST12 dotted welded game fence. A unique product developed in cooperation with forestry experts.

ST13 type knotted rolled game fence. Excellent for the security enclosure of roads and highways.

The ST22 type Előd gate for personal use can be ordered in normal and light designs. A simple and practical solution.

Töhötöm ST22 / 2 type double-wing gate. High-quality traditional double-wing gate.

ST22 / 3 type Tas sliding gate with rails. Rigid and enduring structure, smooth working.

ST22 / 4 type Huba swing gate without road surface contact. Can be ordered in both normal and light designs.

ST20 type standard fence column made of cold-pressed square diameter hollow section.

ST 20 type standard hollow section fence column, cold-pressed, circle diameter, in several designs.

Bolts, self-tapping nuts, closing caps, plate shackles, pedestal panels, reinforcing mesh fasteners, bolts and other supplementary products.