Tas sliding gate with rails - ST22 / 3

ST22 / 3 type Tas sliding gate with rails. Rigid and enduring structure, smooth working.

60 × 60 × 2, 80 × 60 × 3, 120 × 80 × 3


100 × 100 × 3

Opening width

2000mm - 10000mm

Equipped with

Profil rails, fitting Profil rollers with bearing, adjustable four-roller upper conductor, lifting inhibitor, rear ramp inhibitor, a pair of handles, security lock.

General features

The gates are additionally hot-dip galvanized or galvanized+powder-coated, while the binding elements are made of corrosion-free and galvanized steel (base colour: RAL 6005 green).

They can be ordered with motorized controlling on demand, controllable with remote controls or various opening modes.

Fields of application

Family houses, industrial and residential parks, office building, premises, sports facilities, etc.

* For industrial parks intensely used or with great truck traffic, we recommend ST22 / 4 Huba type swing doors without road surface contact.