Wood industry binding solutions


Today’s wood structures have to correspond to a number of expectations, including supporting function, aesthetics and practicability: the same apply to wood industry binding as well.

On the one hand, wood structure binding and reinforcing elements have to ensure the connection between wood structure elements. On the other hand they need to be easily installable, often invisible or modest in appearance. This is not an impossible task for modern manufacturers as several of them offer a wide range of designs and binding solutions in wood industry worldwide.

The fitted wood structure binding elements of our century are made of 1.50-4.00 mm thick galvanized steel plates which substitute wood joining, make wood connection simpler and statically scalable. Galvanized steel elements have increased resistance towards weather conditions and are available in anti-corrosion material as well, if used for special purposes.

An advantage of wood-binding elements is that binding strength does not depend on the diameter of the wood material, that is, the same work can be done using smaller wood profiles. The system can be used in several fields of wood architecture, from lower-load wood structures (stairs, rails, etc.), to full-load structural units (roofs, halls, ceilings, etc.). There is a virtually infinite number of applications possible: nail plate roofs, traditional joining work, skylights, space separation, separator walls, wooden houses, agricultural and industrial warehouses, stalls, garden constructions, tree-stands, shelves, boxes, just to add a few to the list.

The scope of possibilities, the overall favourable price, the shortened implementation time, all these factors motivate us to find new connection points between the useful and the aesthetic.

These fitted wood industry binding elements are incredibly reliable, they ensure easily scalable binding and their installation does not requires special tools.

A further plus is that many of the binding elements can be pre-installed, meaning that the pre-sized and delivered elements need only to be slid into each other. The system is mobile, so the installed structures may later be dismantled if needed. As there are several hidden, recessed designs, the wood structure bindings are particular suitable for visible wood and ceiling structures.

Reinforced corner element
Corner element from perforated plate
Simply reinforced corner
Corner reinforcer for concrete
Beam metal brackets with external binding
135° corner element
Adjustable beam metal bracket
Rafter binding elements
Column support
Connecting plate
Nail tape
Perforated plate