Árpád fence - ST18

The ST18 is a dense life- and property security fence which prevents the throwing of objects. It has been developed to fulfil security functions.

The STEELVENT ST18 Árpád type fence system is suitable for both industrial and community uses. It is especially recommended for the closure of buildings needing high-level security.

These fence systems are made of 500 - 700 N/mm solid steel wire, with dotted welding. The diameter of the wires in the dense, dotted-welded grids is 4 mm. The vertical distance in the meshes is 75 mm, the horizontal wire distance is 15 mm.

The dense grid structure ensures life- and property security, prevents the throwing of objects. Thanks to its strong welding, the fence elements are enduring and functional.

Recommended for

Industrial sites, airports, stations, railway/subway/tram stations and tracks, premises, warehouses of high security, sports facilities, public buildings, public spaces, schools, playgrounds, flats and family houses, gardens, parks, etc.

Fence columns

For the STEELVENT Árpád ST18 fence system we recommend 60 × 60 square diameter, ST20 hollow section columns.


Fastening is executed with individual fittings. 


50 cm pre-manufactured fence footing elements are recommended.

A detailed guide to fence columns, fastening, footing and installation as well as the individual supplementary products can be found in our further brochures.

Size chart and surface protection (nominal sizes; for accurate sizes, ask for our brochure)
Height (mm) 1950
Width (mm) 2030
Plain surface X
Hot-dip galvanized X
Hot-dip galvanized + powder-coated X
Powder-coat basic colour: RAL6005 Green