Gabion fences

When we want to protect our private sphere from uninvited eyes and partially from noises, we have the option of building our whole fence from a solid gabion structure. By combining the colours of the stones, it becomes easy to construct a unique gabion fence. The typical height values can be selected by combining panel sizes, according to individual needs. The thickness of full gabion fences is usually 20 cm, but it is possible to have a narrower structure, using more dense grids and smaller stones. 

Gabion footings can also be constructed, when the gabion is combined with Steelvent 2000 Ltd fence reinforcement meshes. Moreover, pillars and columns between fence panels can also be made of gabion. 

The typical gabion footing size is either 30 cm in width and 40 cm in height or 30 cm in width and 50 cm in height. For this aim we recommend either our 50 × 100 × 4 mm gabion grid or our so-called double-pole 50 × 200 × 6 /5 /6 mm welded gabion grids. The gabion pillars between the reinforcing meshes can be made of the materials identical to the footing.