Social Engagement

Over the past years we have kept to our strict principles and values, as a result of which our products have reaches thousands of clients. We are going to embrace this positive perspective in the future as well. Strong relations are crucial to as, and, as responsible employers, we are trying to ensure a safe and pleasant work environment which helps our employees’ professional development.

The principle behind the support policy of Steelvent 2000 Ltd is to improve the social conditions in Miskolc, Bátonyterenye and its surroundings, and to contribute to a quality lifestyle, through sponsorship and charity. That is the reason why we sponsor festivals and sporting events.

We continuously consider and reduce environmental effects, using clean and sustainable technologies.


Cultural support

Sports support

Steelvent, the sprint eponym partner

On March 11, the sprinters are going to open the Miskolc rally weekend between Bükkszentlászló and Bükkszentkereszt. Registration for the second race of this year’s Amateur Rally Cup (Northern Region) is open until Saturday midnight, meaning that we do not know yet how many are going to compete in the four speed races. It is a great joy for us to announce that this competition has an eponym, and the official name of the sprint race is Steelvent Miskolc Rallysprint.