Comprehensive automatization

The automatization process of the fence manufacture in the Bátonyterenye factory of Steelvent Ltd. has been completed. From now on, the Steelvent fence elements are produced with state-of-the-art robotized systems.

In 2011, the company’s Kinizsi product family was awarded the Hungarian Product Grand Prix, with its 3D panels. 

Following this, we started the manufacturing of the so-called 2D fence panels. With regard to the increased quality and quantity requirements, Steelvent began the comprehensive automatization of these manufacturing lines in the middle of 2016. 

The data taken during the test period shows that production quantities have multiplied for both 3D and 2D panels. As a result of the development, overhead costs have decreased considerably, productivity has increased, which together imply a significant decrease in the market price of our products. 

Our wide palette and prices – unique on the Hungarian market – render it possible for us to give you the most competitive price offer in both community and industrial sales. Also, we can take individual needs into consideration.

By taking this strategical step, Steelvent 2000 Ltd. has implemented a unique integrated manufacturing process in Hungary, thereby further increasing its market advantages. 

We believe that the trust bestowed upon us on the part of our partners and retailers will become even stronger as our products represent the best quality in fence marketing. Another important aspect is that – in contrast to companies selling foreign products – we solve issues related to guarantee, our products being 100% Hungarian. 

As a responsible employer, Steelvent 2000 Ltd. considers the presence of Hungarian products on the market to be of crucial importance, since it strengthens the economy, maintains workplaces and increases employment.

Our products can be purchased in the following premises:

  • Budapest, Budaörsi út (road) 148/a,b,
  • Bátonyterenye, Bolyoki út (road) 4.
  • Miskolc, Besenyői u. (str) 8.